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Participating States and Affiliated DoD Labs

nCASE works closely with DoD laboratories across the nation to integrate their scientists and engineers (S&Es) into the training process. nCASE provides instruction on 21st-century learning tools and strategies for teachers and S&Es so that the two can work collaboratively within school systems located in proximity to DoD labs. nCASE's unique training strategy teams the educator and the STEM professional so that they benefit from one another's perspectives, experiences and areas of expertise. In particular, the S&Es bring the "real-world" point-of-view to the classroom.


Alabama (Huntsville/Mobile); Alaska (Springboard); California (SSC San Diego); Florida (Eglin AFB Niceville/NSWC PCD/NAWC Orlando); Georgia (Warner-Robbins AFB); Hawaii (SPAWAR); Illinois (ERDC Champaign); Indiana (CRANE); Maryland (Aberdeen Proving Ground/Edgewood/NSWC Carderock/Indian Head/Rocket City); Massachusetts (NSRDEC); Michigan (USARMY RDECOM-TARDEC); Mississippi (NRL STENNIS/ERDC Vicksburg); New Jersey (Picatinny); New Mexico (Kirtland); New York (Rome); Ohio (Wright-Patterson); Pennsylvania (Fay-Penn); Oklahoma (Tinker AFB); Rhode Island (NUWC); South Carolina (SPAWAR); Texas (TBD); Utah (Hill AFB); Virginia (Dahlgren/Alexandria); Washington (NUWC Keyport); West Virginia (West Virginia University)


Collaborating Organizations

The National Center for the Advancement of STEM Education (nCASE) is funded through a grant from the United States Department of Defense-DoD STEM with resource/collaboration from various collaborating organizations and agencies as follows:

    • Building Engineering and Science Talent (Washington, D.C.)
    • Northwestern University (IL)
    • DimensionU, formerly Tabula Digita (VA)
    • Great Minds in STEM (CA)
    • MakerBot (NY)
    • Science Center of Inquiry (AZ)